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St John’s being built

Some photographs that Richard Dunhill has sent me.

St John's being built
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Quiz night

quiz night

Perry explains the rules at the church quiz night on the 23rd of February.

St. John’s – A Pictorial History.

We are thinking of starting a n album recording significant occasions in the life of St. John’s, so that future generations can see how we’ve progressed since it was built. For example, a picture of the children who celebrated their first Communion last week. Has anyone got any photos of any past occasions? Especially from when St. John’s was first built, we can return them once copied. Also if you can include a brief description of the event pictured that would be helpful. If you have anything you’d like to see included, please contact Sue Drury. Thankyou

Our Facebook page


St Mary’s and St John’s has a page on Facebook: You can find it here.

Facebook is a ‘social networking’ site, originally started as a site for students but now used by people of all ages all over the world. Users of the site can find people with similar interests, upload pictures, have discussions and lots more besides. Having a Facebook ‘page’ for our churches is another way of connecting with people who might or might not have ventured through the doors of our buildings. If you’re on Facebook please become a ‘fan’!

Our older Facebook group is here, but that isn’t updated with the latest news etc.

ALF Club / Yippee! Club 2008

Our ALF (‘About Life and Faith’, I think – Dave) Club for 7-11+ will run on Tuesdays for 3 weeks in a row each half term – 5 Feb; (3 week gap), then 4, 11 and 18 March. Any questions to Colin or Gaynor.

Meanwhile our Yippee! Club dates are:
28th February, 27th March, 24th April, 22nd May and 26th June.

Yippee! Club is from 4.30-6 pm.

Our new curate

From Colin:

I am delighted to report that Steve Spencer (age 44, currently resident in Shenfield and attending St Paul’s Bentley Common) has been appointed to become curate in our parish following his ordination as deacon in July 2008.

Steve is married to Linda and has 3 children: Laura (21); Emma (18); and James (12). The diocese has promised to provide accommodation within the parish.

Steve will be stipendiary and will be full-time in the parish. Please pray for Steve as he completes his training and prepares to join us. (It is pleasing to note our links with Bentley Common where Rob Rose, who was once curate here, is now Rector, and our own Ellen Goldsmith is currently serving as curate!.)

Please note that Steve is an additional appointment and will NOT be replacing Terry who will continue in his current role as curate after Steve arrives. We look forward to working as a team!

Confirmation service

Confirmation is the way in which adults make a public declaration of their Christian faith and are accepted into full adult membership of the Church of England and admitted to communion.

The next Confirmation Service will be 3pm on Sunday 11th May (venue to be announced). If you are interested in being confirmed please talk to Colin or Terry and we recommend that you join one of our Christian Basics courses but please note that joining a course in no way commits you to proceeding with Confirmation.