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What difference does being a Christian make?

Colin speakingThe following is adapted from Colin’s sermon on Sunday 26th May 2008.

Being a Christian is meant to change you. It is meant to make you a better person. It is meant to take you beyond the normal standards which the world considers reasonable.

The normal standard is “an eye for an eye” or, more positively, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. That is the normal standard of fairness which most people recognise. If you do me wrong I am entitled to some proportionate retribution. You damage my car I’m entitled to compensation; you hit me and I’ll either hit you back or sue you; you say something nasty about me and I’ll spread some gossip about you. On the other hand if you help me out then I’ll help you out; do me a favour and I’ll do you a favour; you lend me your lawnmower then I’ll lend you my hedge trimmer; you invite me to your party and I’ll invite you to mine. Read the rest of this entry »

News sheet update

A summary of a few of the items from our notice sheet:

  • Children’s bowling – there are a few spaces left for a trip on Wednesday 28th May
  • Pastoral care course – Wednesday evenings from 18th June
  • Alpha planning meeting – Tuesday 10th June, 8pm
  • Helpers required for coffee at St Mary’s and reading / intercessions at both churches
  • Ladies breakfast at St Gabriel’s Pitsea – 2nd August 8.30am
  • Exams: please pray for those taking them at the moment

If you’d like more information about any of these please get in touch.

Spring Harvest 2009


A group from St Mary’s and St John’s is going to Spring Harvest in Minehead during the next Easter holidays. The dates are Tuesday 14th – Sunday 19th April. If you’re interested send a message via the contact form and I’ll put you in touch with Eddy Lee, who is organising it. he needs to know final numbers by 4th June.

Basildon hospital fire

THE MENTAL health ward of Basildon Hospital had to be evacuated after a fire broke out.

Full story in the Echo

Basildon – election results

BASILDON Conservatives increased their majority on the council after the local elections.

Basildon Council election results
Report in the Echo