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Messy Church – not on Sundays and fun!!

The next Messy Church will be Saturday, 2nd July at the Methodist Church, High Road, Langdon Hills from 3.00 to 5.00 pm

For families with primary school children.  Church as you’ve never known it.  Take a look at our photo’s to see what really goes on!

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Has the Church Gone to the Dogs?

Well not quite but over 30 people came along for a fun night out at Romford Grey Hound Stadium organised by the men’s and women’s groups. It was a fantastic evening, the track conditions were excellent and we all had great seats in the Paddock restaurant overlooking the back straight. Looking around you could tell the ones who knew what they were doing and the rest of us making our winning choices on obscure rationale such as some distant memory related to a dog’s name or was its tail up or down when it came out!

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From Our Church Mag – June

Rapture schmapture….

….as I expect rabbis the length and breadth of the planet were telling their flocks in Schule yesterday.

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The Nightingales have landed!

The newly named The Nightingales, formally the ‘Ladies Group’, has updated its diary up until the end of the year – see web site Activities, The Nightingales for further information.  If you would like to find out more about the Nightingales activities or would like to be included on their email list please contact Liz Burton via the ‘Contact’ email address.

Wardens Sworn In

On Thursday 5th May our newly elected church wardens were sworn in by the Arch Deacon of Southend the Venerable David Lowman at St Martins Church Basildon.  Going from right to left our wardens are Bob Burton warden, Jim Seargent deputy warden, Sue Houghton warden, John Purbick deputy warden and our out going warden Sue Drury.  Our other elected deputy church warden is Dudley Naslund.

As well as swearing in the newly elected wardens a very big grateful thanks was given to our previous wardens for their unconditional support to the smooth running of our church fabric.

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Christian Aid

Ron and Jean Gough  have undertaken to organise our collecting again this year. Envelopes will be available in both churches on Sunday May 1st, May 8th and May 15th to distribute to our parish from the 16th May.

Sadly although Christian Aid and others have made great contributions to the relief of poverty, and many have benefited from our efforts, a lot of the problems have not improved in the last twelve months and our help is still required.

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St John’s Opening Celebration and Anniversary

Come and join us in celebration of the new childcare services extension at St John’s Church and our 20th year serving the local community of Langdon Hills.  We will be holding the celebration on Saturday 11th June from 2.00pm to 5.00pm.

Celebration Flyer

Yippee! Club

This children’s club meets at the Methodist Church, Emanuel Road, on the last Thursday of each month. The age range is 5-13. This has broadened slightly as those starting secondary school continue to come, arriving later and leaving later than the others. Craft activities, games and Bible teaching form the basis of the enjoyable sessions. This is a joint Methodist/Anglican venture. The next two sessions will be on 26th May and 30th June. If you know of any young people you think might enjoy this please let them know!

Easter Experience 2011 – Stephen Spencer

Reflecting back upon our Easter experience, for those of you who gave up chocolate or some other goody for Lent it’s probably not a moment to soon. For those of you who took something on, perhaps it might be worth while to continue, but what ever your decision was congratulations to you all, you have made it! And as we look at the Easter story itself, there is an element that Easter is the finish line, when Jesus accomplished all that he came to do. But is that the whole story, or is there more to it than meets the eye.

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Treasurer’s report to the APCM – April 2011

For those of you who may have missed the parish AGM and in particular the Treasurer’s report, a PDF version of the report can viewed by clicking the link below.

Treasurer’s Report to APCM – 2011