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Christmas Gifts With a Real Mission

This year you can shop on line for your exciting, high quality Tearcraft gifts from .  If you don’t have access to the internet then phone 0845 218 3960 for a catalogue.

Please consider buying from Tearcraft and bringing hope to those in the world’s poorest communities.

From Our Church Mag – Nov

Yaaaaay, it’s firework month

At least, it seems like a month where I live. They can’t just have them on November the fifth or the closest Saturday, no. It’s every night for about the whole of November and sometimes the last couple of weeks of October as well. Mind you, we don’t appear to have had the October part this year, so maybe we’re in for a quietish November too. Times really are hard, aren’t they?

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Confirmation Celebrations

On Sunday the 16th October we hosted a Confirmation Service with the Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell.  It was a great time for celebrating the commitment that all the candidates had demonstrate and the support they gained from there friends and family.

St John’s had 12 candidates from our own parish and a similar number from other parishes in our deanery so space was going to be tight! In total we believe we managed to pack in over 190 folks into St John’s Church.

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From Our Church Mag – Oct

My garden’s so big

They’ve been teaching the Oak Wood pre-school kids hymns for the harvest service. One tiny was with a parent over by Lincewood primary school and was asked to tell mumsy’s friend about the garden song. It’s one of those dreaded action songs that Colin has us leaping up and down to now and again (hah, he wishes). Guess what the song is. Go on. Give up? You’ll kick yourselves.

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