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From our Church Mag – Dec

Eulogy for a fiend

I’m quite honoured this month. I’ve been asked to write a piece about a much loved yet much maligned (in this column) member of the Hopkinson family. Sox the cat. I first saw Sox as a kitten at the rectory. I wanted to pick him up then, but I held back as he wasn’t my cat. Mind you, he wasn’t the Hopkinsons’ cat either, He was no one’s. Cats own themselves. If anything, he would have owned a Hopkinson human once he’d chosen which one he wanted. Besides, he was far too busy jumping on the furniture and being curious about everything.

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Men at Wapping – Rob Aley

Rob Aley has kindly written about the men’s group outing on the 7th November evening to Wapping and recalls the evening’s events.

After meeting at Laindon and travelling to Fenchurch Street, where we met with others, we had a very interesting walk through the old East End to Wapping. This part of London has changed immensely and been refurbished beyond recognition, however many of the old landmarks still remain intact.

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