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Visit to Palace of Westminster

On Saturday 10 November 21 members of the Nighingales and the Mens Group set off from Laindon railway station headed for Westminster to visit the Palace of Westminster (also known as The Houses of Parliament).

Arriving just before 2pm we went very efficiently through the security search and were all issued with a photo ID. We then met our guide, Joanne, in the great Westminster Hall. We then proceeded to walk to the far end of the buildings and our tour began following the route taken by The Queen when she attends to open Parliament every October.

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A stitch in time…….

On Thursday, 18th October Maddie Harris gave a very interesting talk to the members of Thursday Rendezvous about her dress making. The dresses she had on show were all her own designs. These included dresses from the Tudor, Edwordian and early Victorian periods. She also had some fascinators on show.

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From Our Church Mag – Nov

Einstein a go go

If anyone can tell me what my worst gaffe ever was in last month’s magazine, you’ll make me a happy man. Not because I derive any perverse delight from being found out, but because it will demonstrate that I still have some readers left. After I spotted what I had done, I had serious thoughts about hanging up my aging word processor and trying something else that will be less reliant on my ability to remember to …… just a minute, if I finish that sentence, I’ll give the answer away. You won’t get me that easily. Find out for yourselves.

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