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No Joy for Children’s Joy

Since becoming treasurer of Children’s Joy UK, despite the incredible generosity of all of you who give us money to support the work that Pat and Len Joy do in the Ukraine with vulnerable youngsters, we seem to lurch from one crisis to another behind the scenes. Usually it’s the Ukrainian government changing the law every 5 minutes so that Pat and Len have an ever increasing array of hoops to jump through. Read the rest of this entry »

APCM – Coming soon




Sunday 14th April 2013 at 7-9 pm following Worship at St John’s Church at 6.30pm

All members on the electoral roll or resident in the parish and on a Register of Local Government Electors are warmly invited to attend the above meetings at which we will be appointing our Churchwardens, their Deputies, a Deanery Synod Representative, PCC members and Sidespersons for 2013/2014.

Nominations forms will shortly be displayed on the notice boards of both churches.

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The NEW Electoral Roll

The Church electoral roll is the foundation of the whole structure of synodical government in the church. It contains the names and addresses of everyone who can vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Please remember to sign up for the NEW electoral roll. Forms are at the back of each church. This year we have to produce a completely new Electoral Roll throughout the Church of England; there is no automatic inclusion!

This important document will give a snapshot of Christian presence in our area, as well as feed in to the national picture.

The Seniors’ Afternoon Tea & Film

The Seniors’ Afternoon Tea & Film on Sunday, 3rd March was another great success. 33 Seniors attended and 8 young people helped on the day.

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Good Intentions – Church Mag March

Another Lent has begun. Already we are in the middle of our preparations for the greatest feast in the Christian calendar, Easter. So did you decide to give anything up for Lent? Or start something new? I have never understand why some people try to give up things like chocolate. It more-or-less guarantees that they will become the most miserable people living on the planet during this penitential season!

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Our Thanksgiving Service

The vision for this service is summed up in its title. This service is a celebration. For everyone. We will be celebrating with our thanksgiving families for the gift of their children. We will be celebrating the amazing grace God has shown us in Jesus through the communion. We will be celebrating with the families whose children have recently joined the church through baptism. This service is a celebration.

Click this link to download the service explanation handbook

Wall of Jericho – Church Mag March

Quick! March!

No, that’s not a military order barked out by a parade ground drill sergeant  that my father was obliged to take notice of when he did his national service just prior to him sailing off to fight communists in 1950s Malaya along with several Royal Artillery chums. I have asked Gunner Jericho (retd.) how they managed to drag 25 pounder field guns around thick jungle, but he assures me the Lee Enfields they were issued with on jungle patrol would have far more effective had they been unlucky enough to meet up with any marauding revolutionaries.

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