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What every woman wants!

Around 20 Ladies from the Nightingales group enjoyed a fabulous Chinese meal in Billericay on Thursday 4th July. The restaurant called “Plum Valley” – formally known as Silver lotus – offered us good hospitality and a variety of freshly cooked Chinese food. This ranged from ribs and satay starters, Crispy Duck and a lovely choice of  main dishes. – We were all so full up !
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Walls of Jericho – Church Mag July

John, Paul, George and Bingo

Who sank the boat? Noah, Noah. Who sank the boat? Brother Noah sank the boat.  No, those words don’t sound right to me either, but that’s what Jezebel was singing to our grandson last Saturday when she was giving him his bath.  I tell you, my missus may have many talents, but Jezzie J she ain’t.

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