Seniors Tea Club

All Seniors are invited to come along to this social event. Please arrive any time after 1.30pm so that tea & scones can be served by our young people at 2pm. The film, *’Salmon Fishing in the Yemen’, will start at around 2.30pm and finish by 4.30pm (- it is 107 minutes long).

Sign-up sheets are now available at both St Mary’s and St John’s. If you need a lift please call Julian, our Community & Youth Pastor, on 07535674594.

*A fisheries expert is approached by a consultant to help realize a sheik’s vision of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to the desert and embarks on an upstream journey of faith and fish to prove the impossible possible. From the screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire, this is a smart and original British comedy starring Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt & Kristin Scott Thomas.

A Special Prayer for those of Senior Age

We pray for all those we know who are senior in age.
Show them the way, God, and be with them.
Grant health to their bodies and clarity to their minds.
Give them strength and shield them from isolation and loneliness.
May the love of their family and friends be their reward for all the struggles of their youth.
Let all the blessings of age spring from them.
Let wisdom flow from their mouths, compassion from their hearts,
acts of kindness from their arms, faith from their souls,
and joy shine forth from their eyes.
May they age with grace.

Please be sure to use this prayer on Thursdays in particular.