Website updates

Experimental ‘Local news’ section

I’ve added a ‘local news’ section to the right hand column of the website. I thought it might be useful to have news stories that might relate to our local area appearing there.

The news stories won’t appear on the main page of the site, but they will appear in the ‘news feed’. You can subscribe to the feed by e-mail to get all of the latest website stories delivered to your inbox, or you can use various other means to subscribe. If this makes no sense to you have a look at the BBC pages on news feeds which will hopefully help.

Apologies for getting behind with website updates by the way. I’ll aim to do better from now on!

Our Facebook page


St Mary’s and St John’s has a page on Facebook: You can find it here.

Facebook is a ‘social networking’ site, originally started as a site for students but now used by people of all ages all over the world. Users of the site can find people with similar interests, upload pictures, have discussions and lots more besides. Having a Facebook ‘page’ for our churches is another way of connecting with people who might or might not have ventured through the doors of our buildings. If you’re on Facebook please become a ‘fan’!

Our older Facebook group is here, but that isn’t updated with the latest news etc.

Welcome to our website

Welcome to the new website for the Parish of Langdon Hills. We hope you enjoy looking around.

There is still a lot more material to be added to the site so do keep coming back! If you have any comments or ideas for features you’d like to see added to this site please do get in touch: e-mail Dave Walker (address dave at