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Confirmation Celebrations

On Sunday the 16th October we hosted a Confirmation Service with the Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell.  It was a great time for celebrating the commitment that all the candidates had demonstrate and the support they gained from there friends and family.

St John’s had 12 candidates from our own parish and a similar number from other parishes in our deanery so space was going to be tight! In total we believe we managed to pack in over 190 folks into St John’s Church.

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From Our Church Mag – Oct

My garden’s so big

They’ve been teaching the Oak Wood pre-school kids hymns for the harvest service. One tiny was with a parent over by Lincewood primary school and was asked to tell mumsy’s friend about the garden song. It’s one of those dreaded action songs that Colin has us leaping up and down to now and again (hah, he wishes). Guess what the song is. Go on. Give up? You’ll kick yourselves.

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Ladies Autumn Breakfast

Ladies come and join us at our Autumn breakfast on Saturday 8th October 8:30-10:30am at St Johns Church, Forest Glade.

Our guest speaker  will be Bev Murrill author of “You Can Be God’s Agent for Change”.  Tickets will cost £4.00 each.  For further details/tickets contact Jill Hurley on 01268-543179

Alpha Praise Service – 18th Sep

Please come and join our Alpha Praise Service, Sunday 18th September, 6.00pm at St John’s Church, Forest Glade, Langdon Hills.

We are holding this service in preparation for our forth coming Alpha programme which will be running this year for 10 sessions starting on Thursday evening, 22nd September at St John’s and a day time programme starting on Friday 23rd September

From Our Church Mag – Sep

How many Ls in mulberry?

It pays to advertise. Last month I happened to mention on my Off the Wall page on Facebook that this month’s article would pose the question above. Just how many Ls are there in mulberry? I now have a following of 3 people that my hook line caught and they are eagerly awaiting this month’s Ben Jericho column. I expect that’s 3 more than usually read it. Read the rest of this entry »

The sun does shine on the righteous!

What a glorious afternoon was had for those attending our annual Family Picnic event on Westley Heights especially given the grey build-up and rain we have had in the last few days.

Apart from enjoying a freshly packed picnic of  food and drink with friends a number of fun activities were run including a treasure hunt and church quiz.
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How’s That!! – Social Group t20 Cricket Event

The picture to the left is Scott Styris who hit a stonking six to allow Essex Eagles to slay the Glamorgan Dragons.  Yet again another new and fantastic evening was had by the St John’s joint Men and Women groups on the 8th July.

Although this was a new event to most people who came along to cheer the Essex Eagles, all said it was a gripping evening of sport which lasted for 2 hours but felt like 20 minutes.

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From Our Church Mag – July

Only 6 months until Christmas

I reckon just about everyone in Langdon Hills gets foxes in their gardens, but do you have cubs visit? I love them. The way they play and chase each other up and down my lawn and in and out of my conifers has my rapt attention for ages.

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The Alpha course

alpha courseAn exciting time lies ahead for us with the start of this autumn’s Alpha courses at St. John’s Church, Langdon Hills.

Alpha is a 10 week course which gives guests the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and as the advertising says to ‘explore the meaning of life’. It is a chance to ask questions you may have always wanted to ask or to just look at life a little bit deeper. Over 7,000 courses are currently running across the UK and over 2 million people in the UK and 11 million worldwide have now attended an Alpha course.

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Messy Church – not on Sundays and fun!!

The next Messy Church will be Saturday, 2nd July at the Methodist Church, High Road, Langdon Hills from 3.00 to 5.00 pm

For families with primary school children.  Church as you’ve never known it.  Take a look at our photo’s to see what really goes on!

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Has the Church Gone to the Dogs?

Well not quite but over 30 people came along for a fun night out at Romford Grey Hound Stadium organised by the men’s and women’s groups. It was a fantastic evening, the track conditions were excellent and we all had great seats in the Paddock restaurant overlooking the back straight. Looking around you could tell the ones who knew what they were doing and the rest of us making our winning choices on obscure rationale such as some distant memory related to a dog’s name or was its tail up or down when it came out!

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From Our Church Mag – June

Rapture schmapture….

….as I expect rabbis the length and breadth of the planet were telling their flocks in Schule yesterday.

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