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They thought it was all over………

Despite our dismal performance in this years world cup.  The real winning team has decided to come out on the cup final night to show what real dedication, english stiff upper lip, excellent hand eye coordination and how we will celebrate anything as long as it involves good food and beer!!

I am please to say the Hurley and Childs Brewery are providing the lager and ale free for the occasion and as normal donations for charity greatly welcome.   Read the rest of this entry »

Wall of Jericho – Church Mag July

The last shall come first and the cobbler’s last

Isn’t it wonderful being part of the Anglican communion in Langdon Hills? I don’t take a lot of notice of the evening services as a rule, but a plug for the heeling service made me sit up and listen just the other week. Wow, what a parish! Not only can we have a six thirty sing song if we’re that way inclined, but we can get our shoes mended while we pray.

I wonder if they repair soles too. Read the rest of this entry »

The Final Score – Football 0 Beer & Curry 10/10

Well all sports lovers young and old came along to a cracking evening on Thursday to watch England v Uruguay.  It was a bit touch a go – a lot of maneuvering, last minute substitutions, full on attack and immaculate delivery.  And that was just the curry and the homemade beer!!

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6 Bell Striking Competition

Churches in South Essex were invited to enter ringers for a competition on 7th May at Shenfield.

All the ringing sounded good.   The top three were:

1.  Prittlewell        2. Rayleigh           3. Langdon Hills

Well done to our ringers: Gordon Lucas, Catherine Gisby, Richard Dunhill,  Cathryn Corns and Andy Martin and conductor Steve Nash.

Langdon Hills Confirmation Course

If you would like to be confirmed this year, please speak to our Curate, Mark Petitt ( 07900466373 and sign up for our Confirmation course by Sunday 1st June.

Mind The Gap

Thursday 26th June 2014

7:15pm (for 7:30pm) to 9:30pm

St John’s, Forest Glade, Langdon Hills

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Walls of Jericho – Church Mag June

Remember my imaginary bazooka I told you about in May’s ish? Well last week on my walk home from the dole shop, I accidentally blew up a black Lexus. What can I say? Sorry, mate, I mistook it for a BMW. Read the rest of this entry »

What’s the collective noun for wardens?

The collective noun according to the “Northern Echo’ could be a staff, after the wands they carry when escorting the bishop.  A worry of wardens might also be appropriate.  Its not a job for the faint hearted.

Whatever the reason, there’s not usually a stampede to become a churchwarden.  So thankfully we have Judy and Bob who kindly give up so much of their time to help Colin keep the church ‘wheels on’.  It is an important role and hence why they are going to be inducted this week at Chelmsford Cathedral with the other ‘Staff of Wardens’.

Walls of Jericho – Church Mag May

He is risen indeed,

…..which if you watch the link on YouTube, takes us nicely into our first snippet for May. I espied a new sign outside the mini mart opposite Great Berry primary school t’other day. Read the rest of this entry »

Come and join us!

Our Summer Picnic
17th August

Walls of Jericho – Church Mag Apr

Oh Wendy. Saints go marchin in

Sorry about March. I missed the mag’s publishing deadline because of unforeseen technical issues. Never mind, onwards and upwards, or downwards and backwards as we say in the Jericho household when things are going badly, e.g. when Jezebel wants me to hoover the stairs despite it being women’s work.

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Churches Together in Basildon

Pentecost Praise Celebration
Wat Tyler Park June 8th 2014
Dates for your diary and contact details.

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