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Excellent and Flexible Childcare for ages

St John’s Childcare at St John’s Church are pleased to announce that we now have additional 18months to 12 years places available from September opening   7.30 am  –  6.00 pm providing a breakfast, preschool and after school club.  We take children to and pick up from three local schools: Great Berry, Lincewood and Merrylands.  We are open during most School holidays for all ages.

See attached leaflet for further information and please contact the Childcare team on 01268 490400 who will be happy to provide you further information

Childcare St John’s

Here’s looking at you!

For those of us who were fortunate to go to Rendez-Vous we had a real treat listening to Steve Hearn from tell us of his journey from being office bound to a worldwide opportunity to meet over 8,000 people each year and bring a smile to their face as he creates their own personal caricature.

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Almost two operas

The St Mary’s and St John’s social group were out and about again this month in London.  This time to see the Phantom of the Opera.  Eddy Lee arranged for a coach trip for 46 opera buffs.

The trip went swimmingly until we got on the Embankment. Because of the crowds in London for Trooping the Colour the last half mile took 40 minutes.

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Teen Brunch

Julian was delighted to welcome 12 young people to our first Teen Brunch held at St John’s on Saturday, 25th May. Some were from our faith community, others were those who simply regularly attend Connect.

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Walls of Jericho – Church Mag June

All creatures great and small

The comments some people make about articles on web versions of Fleet Street’s finest rags make me laugh. Anything to do with Christianity gets them coming out in droves to denounce it all as fairy tales. In one recent one I read, the writer stated that he had no problem with people holding beliefs, but as far as he was concerned, he was a born again atheist.

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Duck, no they’re seagulls!!

The thought of sitting in a bright yellow amphibian vehicle entering the Thames, especially after one of these sunk in the Mersey recently, did not fill me with the joy I would normally have when with the men and ladies of St Mary’s & John’s Church – but how I was so wrong thanks to Matthew our guide.

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Walls of Jericho – Church Mag May

Your call is important to us

Easter Monday bank holiday, Jezebel rang the telephone company on behalf of her aged parent. After going through all the options – if you wish to pay a bill press 1, if you are moving house and wish to provide a final reading press 2, otherwise press 3, if you would like to discuss the weather press 1, if you need to report a leak press 2, if you agree with the chairman’s bonus press 3, to speak to a human press 4 – a recorded message told her the offices were shut for the bank holiday.

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Resurrection isn’t just for Easter!

I am writing this article in the week before Holy Week but I am aware it is most likely to be read just after Easter Sunday. If we are not careful the great Easter theme of Resurrection is something we only think about for that one Sunday of the year. The resurrection of Jesus was a once off historical event but it revealed Resurrection as a theme that should underlay all of life for Christians.

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No Joy for Children’s Joy

Since becoming treasurer of Children’s Joy UK, despite the incredible generosity of all of you who give us money to support the work that Pat and Len Joy do in the Ukraine with vulnerable youngsters, we seem to lurch from one crisis to another behind the scenes. Usually it’s the Ukrainian government changing the law every 5 minutes so that Pat and Len have an ever increasing array of hoops to jump through. Read the rest of this entry »

APCM – Coming soon




Sunday 14th April 2013 at 7-9 pm following Worship at St John’s Church at 6.30pm

All members on the electoral roll or resident in the parish and on a Register of Local Government Electors are warmly invited to attend the above meetings at which we will be appointing our Churchwardens, their Deputies, a Deanery Synod Representative, PCC members and Sidespersons for 2013/2014.

Nominations forms will shortly be displayed on the notice boards of both churches.

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The NEW Electoral Roll

The Church electoral roll is the foundation of the whole structure of synodical government in the church. It contains the names and addresses of everyone who can vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

Please remember to sign up for the NEW electoral roll. Forms are at the back of each church. This year we have to produce a completely new Electoral Roll throughout the Church of England; there is no automatic inclusion!

This important document will give a snapshot of Christian presence in our area, as well as feed in to the national picture.

The Seniors’ Afternoon Tea & Film

The Seniors’ Afternoon Tea & Film on Sunday, 3rd March was another great success. 33 Seniors attended and 8 young people helped on the day.

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