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From Our Church Mag – Oct

Elves have left the building

Where was I? Oh yes, cold callers. Obviously I get the ones that can’t read as they wouldn’t bother knocking if they understood the “No cold callers” sign on my front door. The ones that make me laugh, though, are the ones that ring up from former British dominions. Now these boys CAN read. Read the rest of this entry »

Ladies that do tea!!

On the last sunny afternoon in September, 23 of us met at Mary Green Manor in Brentwood for afternoon tea.  We had lovely sandwiches with the crusts cut off!  We had our tea in the conservatory sitting at beautifully laid up tables.  There were plenty of cakes from strawberry tarts to chocolate eclairs.  The scones with thick cream and strawberry jam were a favourite with everyone! The tea just kept on coming and so did the chatter!
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Maddie does make exceedingly good cakes

Well I think Mr Kipling needs to watch out as our ladies had a master class from Maddie Harris on her bakewell tart last week (13th September)

It is amazing how baking is getting so popular they really should make a television programme on it!

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From our Church Mag – Sep

Render unto Caesar, but don’t take the Mick

Parking at Westgate shops car park t’other day like, it said on’t pay station 90p for up to 2 hours stay. Ah put in pound but no change came forth. Ah’ll go t’foot of our stairs. By ‘eck ducks, it were reet daylight robbery as Ah were only theer not 20 minutes to make our monthly Children’s Joy payment t’Ukraine, baht ‘at.

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St Mary’s and St John’s Annual Picnic

We arrived at Westley Heights at 1 0’clock on Sunday 19 August 2012.  The Weather forecast said it would be 90s! A bit hot maybe for rounder’s but we could always have an ice cream afterwards.  What we were actually met with when we arrived was an absolute down pour of rain!  Oh dear that’s the end of our picnic.

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Congratulations Brian & Mary

It is not often in this day and age that we have the opportunity to celebrate someones 50th golden wedding anniversary.  So congratulations to Brian and Mary Reynolds on a fantastic achievement – a real example to us all.  Brian and Mary decided to celebrate in style with a wonderful party held by their beloved friends from St Mary’s and St John’s church.

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Calling all Ladies – St Mary’s Ladies Guild

St Mary’s Ladies Guild is church based organisation and has been established here in Langdon Hills for more that 30 years.  Our aim is to provide for the Church and community needs.  We meet regularly on 3rd Thursday in the month at Women’s Institute (W.I) Hall, Samuel Road, Langdon Hills 7.45pm and have over 18+ regular members.

We are always pleased to welcome new members to join us.  For more information find us on the ‘Activities’ link on this website – Gloria Wort

From our church mag – Aug

Get me to the church on time

Salaam, readers and welcome to the world peace issue of Off The Wall. Salaam, now there’s an interesting word. No, not the absolutely scrummy spiced sausage I sometimes have in sarnies or atop pizzas, but the Arabic greeting. It sounds so like the Jewish shalom that I’m prepared to stick my neck out without googling and suggest that the 2 words have the same root and mean the same thing too.

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From our church mag – July

The only way is Essex Cornwall

Sorry to miss you in the June mag. I got the weeks wrong and I didn’t meet the deadline. This July, my offering is what you should have seen in June, give or take a few embellishments and updates along the way.

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Music for a Summer Evening

In support of St Luke’s Hospice

St John’s Church

Saturday 16th June 2012 at 7.30.  An evening of light musical entertainment provided by:
Tony Dunhill (organ and piano)
Elizabeth Dunlop (soprano)
Richard Stokkereit (guitar)
Elizabeth Marshall (flute)
The Horndon Singers’ Quartet
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Jubilee – Pageant Cream Tea

Despite the weather Sunday afternoon at St John’s was packed as people came out to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a cream and jam scone while watching the Queen enjoy her pageant.  We had over 100 people come and enjoy the afternoon meeting with friends while children played inside.  There was lots to do for the young ones including an indoor hopscotch which saw a few older children (adults) have a go on.  The invite to the tea came with jubilee bibles which the churches of St Mary’s and St John’s gave away to households in the parish.  Over a 1000 bibles where handed out and we hope those who received them have taken time to look through the front section on the Queen.

Many thanks to all those people that helped Liz and Perry take a small idea from Spring Harvest and turn it into an outreach that was enjoyed by all who live in this parish. Read the rest of this entry »

Men at Work!

The snake was this big John – Honest!

Well the small work party at St John’s didn’t bargain for the abundance of wildlife that they would come across as they carried out some needed site clearance on Saturday.  Bob, Perry and John spent the morning filling up a skip with debris and cleared out some very low hanging branches to improve the parking at the back of the church.

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