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Jubilee – Pageant Cream Tea

Despite the weather Sunday afternoon at St John’s was packed as people came out to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a cream and jam scone while watching the Queen enjoy her pageant.  We had over 100 people come and enjoy the afternoon meeting with friends while children played inside.  There was lots to do for the young ones including an indoor hopscotch which saw a few older children (adults) have a go on.  The invite to the tea came with jubilee bibles which the churches of St Mary’s and St John’s gave away to households in the parish.  Over a 1000 bibles where handed out and we hope those who received them have taken time to look through the front section on the Queen.

Many thanks to all those people that helped Liz and Perry take a small idea from Spring Harvest and turn it into an outreach that was enjoyed by all who live in this parish. Read the rest of this entry »

Men at Work!

The snake was this big John – Honest!

Well the small work party at St John’s didn’t bargain for the abundance of wildlife that they would come across as they carried out some needed site clearance on Saturday.  Bob, Perry and John spent the morning filling up a skip with debris and cleared out some very low hanging branches to improve the parking at the back of the church.

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From our church mag – May

May Flowers

Lee came round for his window money last night. Ron gave him a copy of the April mag and he likes my windowcleaner cartoon. That’s more than I can say about it, I hate my stuff when it’s rushed, as it invariably is. Mind you, it’s nice to be appreciated. Thanks Lee and thank you Ron.

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Our Far Eastern Banquet – Well Southend!

Last Wednesday 14 members of the men’s group came together for a excellent chinese meal at a far eastern venue – the seafront on southend beach!!   Read the rest of this entry »

Carry-on Eating! – The Nightingales and the Indian meal

We all arrived at The Indian restaurant ready for a night of food and chat.  We placed our order and our food followed shortly after then it all went down hill!!!

From nowhere an ‘Elvis impersonator’ arrived and started singing (if you can call it that) it was so loud and awful unfortunately we just ate our food (which was very nice!) and asked for the ‘bill’. Read the rest of this entry »

From our Church Mag – April

So that’s that for another year

Nearly 2 solid months of constant attack in the name of regulatory compliance, but finally the auditors have gone and the accounts have been signed off. The FSA returns have been posted to Canary Wharf and I am apparently a legend in the office for not even blinking when I downed 2 chilli vodka shots at my boss’s farewell party Thursday night. Read the rest of this entry »

Easter Services at St John’s and St Mary’s

Good Friday

12 noon to 3 pm Good Friday vigil at St Mary’s with meditations on each half hour and communion at 2.30 pm.

Meditations will be based on Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell’s new book “The Nail”.

Easter Sunday

9 am Easter Communion at St Mary’s

11 am All Age Easter Communion at St Johns

Thursday Morning Group

For those aged 50+

Last month 20 very chatty and friendly folk gathered for the first meeting of this Thursday Morning group. It was a great opportunity to spend an enjoyable morning meeting new people over a cuppa and a few specially made cup cakes.

The next gathering will take place on Thursday, 19th April, also from 10-11/11.30am. On this occasion we hope to confirm the following:

  • A name for the group. One suggestion is the Thursday Rendezvous group.
  • That the group will meet every 2 weeks after this date.
  • Details about the variety of short talks or presentations which we hope will happen at every other meeting of the group.

There is no cost but donations are welcome.

All those aged 50+ are welcome to come along and join us on 19th April. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and to feel a valued member of the group.

For more information please ask Sue Purbrick, Liz Burton, Carol Carter or Julian Patching.

Coming soon – Connect!

On Friday, 20th April Connect will start taking place at St John’s, every Friday from 7-9pm. It will be open to all those aged 11-18.

If you would like to volunteer (must be 18+) to help out at Connect or if you would just like to know more about Connect or any other of our plans for our young people, please speak to Julian Patching, our Community & Youth Pastor on 07535674594.

Men’s Breakfast – St Luke’s Hospice

Tired of eating sawdust covered in cold milk while you stare at the back of a paper on the other side of the breakfast table.  Well we can help you to change that with one of our men’s breakfast held at St John’s Church coffee bar on a saturday morning.

There you will be treated to a proper man’s breakfast of sausages, bacon, beans, mushrooms, fried bread, eggs, toast and tea/coffee.  You will also find fellow men ready to talk about the things that matter – world news, the latest gadget and who’s going to win the league.

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From our Church Mag – March


….to those of you that told me off last month for not helping Jezebel rake up leaves in January. Let me tell you about my morning today. It is still year end at work and I have wall to wall auditors coming out of my ears. I’m spending so much time answering their questions at the expense of current work that I’ve had to bring stuff home with me this weekend. I also have art to do for daughter 2 (that’s Cainetta to you). She wants me to do her a muriel in her new gaff.

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Bored, Want Excitement and Friendship!

Do you fancy some extra excitement in your life.  Bored in the evenings and weekends.  Want to meet some new people and make new friends then the latest mens and Nightingales (women’s) group activities have been posted in the activities section of this website.

We all have a great time socialising and doing different things during the year.  If you are interested in joining in then contact the appropriate person listed by each activity.  If you want to see what we have been up to recently then check out this web page.