February sermons

06 / 02 / 11 Morning Communion – Steven Poss (9.3mb)

20 / 02 / 11 Morning Communion – Steve Spencer (11.8mb)

27 / 02 /11 Morning Communion – Kennedy Rath (11.5mb)

January sermons

Here is Colin’s sermon from Sunday’s service:

30 / 01 / 11 Morning Prayer – Colin Hopkinson (14mb)

Also some sermons from earlier in the month:

23 / 01 / 11 Morning Communion – Steve Spencer (14mb)

02 / 01 / 11 Morning Communion – Ron Gough (18mb)

I’d advise not listening to all three at the same time…

Sermon from the morning communion service on 19 December 2010

Today’s sermon:

Morning Communion 19 December 2010, Kennedy Rath

What difference does being a Christian make?

Colin speakingThe following is adapted from Colin’s sermon on Sunday 26th May 2008.

Being a Christian is meant to change you. It is meant to make you a better person. It is meant to take you beyond the normal standards which the world considers reasonable.

The normal standard is “an eye for an eye” or, more positively, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. That is the normal standard of fairness which most people recognise. If you do me wrong I am entitled to some proportionate retribution. You damage my car I’m entitled to compensation; you hit me and I’ll either hit you back or sue you; you say something nasty about me and I’ll spread some gossip about you. On the other hand if you help me out then I’ll help you out; do me a favour and I’ll do you a favour; you lend me your lawnmower then I’ll lend you my hedge trimmer; you invite me to your party and I’ll invite you to mine. Read the rest of this entry »