Ash Wednesday service

We will start Lent with a service on Ash Wednesday (25th February) at St. Mary’s church at 8 pm, which includes the traditional imposition of ashes.

See also details of our Lent course.

Churches Together in Basildon celebration at St John’s

Dave Marshall, the new CTB chair, will be speaking at the Churches Together in Basildon celebration to be held at St Johns on Sunday 25th January at 6.30pm.

Join us to celebrate Christian Unity week and to renew our vision for 2009.

Memorial service


If you would like the names of relatives or friends, that you would wish remembered, read out at the Memorial Service being held at St Mary’s on SUNDAY 2nd November would you pleas write their names onto the forms at the back of the church. There is a form at both St Mary’s and St John’s.
Please also let your friends, neighbours and relatives know about this important service.

Sacred space

Sunday, 9th November: 6.30 pm
Sacred Space  St. John’s Church

How well do we know the Lord’s Prayer? Our Service through a series of six stations will take us through the Lord’s prayer. By using our senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing we will be led on a spiritual journey. If you have never been before to Sacred Space then please put this in your diary now. If you have been before it will be great to see you again.
If you want to know more about the evening please get in touch with Terry who will be pleased to tell you more.

Praise and worship service

St John’s Church – Sunday 21 September, 6.30pm. A time for us to come together and celebrate our forthcoming Alpha courses.

Confirmation service

Confirmation is the way in which adults make a public declaration of their Christian faith and are accepted into full adult membership of the Church of England and admitted to communion.

The next Confirmation Service will be 3pm on Sunday 11th May (venue to be announced). If you are interested in being confirmed please talk to Colin or Terry and we recommend that you join one of our Christian Basics courses but please note that joining a course in no way commits you to proceeding with Confirmation.