These policies have been adopted at meetings of St. John’s Childcare Committee and the PCC of Langdon Hills.  Policies will be updated and added to as required by the Childcare Committee and the PCC of Langdon Hills.

  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Positive Behaviour Policy
  3. Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement – Child Protection
  4. Complaints Procedure
  5. Confidentiality Policy and Client Access to Records
  6. Equality and Diversity Policy
  7. Equipment and Resources Policy
  8. Health and Safety Policy
  9. Supervision of Children on Outings and Visits
  10. Parental Involvement Policy
  11. The Role of the Key Person and Settling
  12. Settling in School Children
  13. Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy
  14. Staffing and Employment Policy
  15. Student Placement Policy
  16. The Non-collection of Children Policy
  17. Missing Child Policy
  18. Food and drink
  19. Maintaining Children’s Safety and Security on Premises
  20. Pet Policy
  21. St Johns Childcare Payment of Fees Policy
  22. Support Families and Children Where English is an Additional Language Policy
  23. Sun Protection Policy
  24. DBS Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal Policy
  25. Policy on the Safeguarding of Adults in the Church
  26. Favouritism Policy
  27. Bring Your Own Device Policy
  28. Social Networking Policy
  29. Administering Medicines Policy
  30. Looked After Child Policy
  31. Children’s Rights Policy