About this website

Welcome to the website for the Parish of Langdon Hills. The site was launched in the summer of 2007. Hopefully the site is easy enough to use and you can find everything you need – all of the permanent information about things like service times, different groups etc can be found via the menus at the top, whilst ‘news items‘ will appear on the front page. There are different ways you can subscribe to these news items which I’ve talked about a bit below.

How you can help
If you attend St Mary’s or St John’s there are several ways you can help with the development of this site:

  • If you are part of a group in the church and would like infomation about your group to be included on the site please send it to me via the contact details below. It might also be that I’ve just included a minimal amount of information, in which case anything extra you can send me will be greatly appreciated.
  • The site could really do with more photographs to jazz it up a bit. If you’ve taken any that would be suitable then please do send them. I may need permission from people in the photos to put them on the site if the people are easily identifiable.
  • If you have news items that relate to the churches then please send them to me at the same time you send them to the news sheet editor. Thank you!

How to subscribe
There are several ways that you can get to see updates to this site.

  1. One is simply by visiting the website regularly.
  2. Another is by signing up for e-mail updates which you can do via the right hand column of the front page.
  3. Thirdly, you can read the site via something called a feed reader. Popular ones are Google Reader, Bloglines or My Yahoo. These are sites that collect together news items from different sites you are interested in. You can sign up via this page, which is the ‘feed’ for our site.
  4. You can now get updates by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

How to contact me
My e-mail is dave (at) cartoonchurch.com

Technical details
The site is powered by WordPress. The design is based on the Living OS Alpha theme by Tim Hyde, although I have made a lot of modifications to it.

Many thanks, and I hope you enjoy the site.

Dave Walker and Perry Childs