Confirmation is the way in which people make an adult statement of Christian commitment and enter into full membership of the Church of England. It is also the normal way to be admitted to receiving communion. In the service, which is conducted by the Bishop, candidates literally “confirm” their baptism vows.

We are looking towards a Confirmation service in May this year. We would like to get an idea of numbers before firming up arrangements so if you are interested in being confirmed or would just like to know more please speak to Colin (Rector) or Mark (Curate).

Mark will be running a Christian Basics preparation course after Easter. Candidates who have attended Alpha will have a choice to attend this whole course if they wish or just one “top up” session on communion and confirmation. Any who have not attended Alpha will be asked to attend the Basics course. Any others (confirmed or not) who are not seeking confirmation but who wish to join the course will be very welcome to do so. There is no obligation at all to be confirmed as a result of attending the course. Part of its purpose is for you to discern whether it is right for you.

If we have sufficient candidates we will invite the Bishop to conduct a special service in our parish. Otherwise we will attend one of the prearranged services in our Deanery. Any candidates who have not been previously baptised can be baptised in the same service.