Friends and Heroes

Friends & Heroes for primary school years 1 to 6

Thursdays 4 – 5 pm at St John’s.

Friends and Heroes is an animated adventure series which introduces today’s generation of children to the stories of the Bible in an appealing, fresh and memorable way. Based in a fascinating and turbulent period of history, 69-71AD, children love the stories: “Friends and Heroes rocks!” one viewer said. Both girls and boys are strongly attracted by the central characters, the danger and the exciting action!

We think that this will appeal to your child/children and we’d love to see them and their friends join us. We want to welcome all the children in our area, and it will be great fun, so please invite and bring along any children you know too. We have invitation cards available, so if you or your children would like some to hand out, please ask.

You can have a sneak preview of the excitement on the Friends and Heroes children’s There are plenty of games, puzzles and downloads there for you to enjoy too!