Prayer requests
If you would like us to pray for you please let us know. You can e-mail, telephone or drop a note into the box in the foyer of St John’s. We will then pray for you during our morning prayers.

Times of prayer

  • Morning Prayer takes place on Monday – Friday at 8.45am until 9.10, in St John’s Prayer Room.
  • Evening Prayer is held at St Mary’s Church at 5pm on Monday evenings.
  • Thursday Prayer. Everyone is welcome to join in coffee and prayer, 10.30am until 12.00 at various venues.
  • Healing Service at St Mary’s. This is an opportunity for prayer and anointing. It is usually 1st Sunday of the month at 6.30, but check first as this can change.

Road prayers

This outreach initiative will start from the beginning of November 2010, led by a small team from one of the house groups.

We aim to cover at least two roads in the Langdon Hills parish every month, by delivering a leaflet, attached to an addressed envelope, to each house in those roads.

The leaflet informs that prayers will be said that month for all the people in that road and in addition, personal prayers may be requested by way of the addressed envelope or by using the dedicated email address printed on the leaflet.

The email site will be accessed daily and all prayer requests whether written or via the web will be handled confidentially within the prayer group.

Our email is: