From Our Church Mag – Feb

Happy 2013

Do you like those round robins people send out in December? Often, they’re tucked inside Christmas cards, frequently they’re emailed instead of cards. They list the wonderful achievements of the sender’s family in the year gone by and sometimes the anticipated triumphs in the years to come.

Personally, I think it’s silly to send these updates when the year still has the best part of the month to go, so here’s the round up of the Jericho clan’s 2012 now seeing as 2012 is no longer with us. Enjoy it in the spirit it is written and try not to be too downhearted as you learn of our enviable lifestyle.

Bought a cat, saw 2 daughters married, welcomed our new grandson and mostly kept the aged parents out of mischief over Christmas.

There. Beats me why some people need 4 sheets of A4 to say that.


And that’s it for this month. 2013’s too new for anything to have happened worth reporting. Hope those of you that have joined Mark and Lydia’s Sunday night sessions enjoyed your soaking.

I’m Ben Jericho, telling it concisely.

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