Alpha course 2010

These are the details for the weekly Alpha course sessions starting in September 2010.

Week 1 30th September
Who is Jesus? / DVD

Week 2 7th October
Why did Jesus die? / Debbie Clark

Week 3 14th October
How can I be sure of my faith? / Helen Bryan

Week 4 21st October
Why and how do I pray? / Lilian Ellis

Week 5 4th November
Why and how should I read the bible? / John Coulthard

Week 6 11th November
How does God guide us? / Kennedy Rath

Alpha Away Day
13th November Colin/Steve

Week 7 18th November
How can I resist evil? / Vic Davidson

Week 8 25th November
Why and how should I tell others? / Eddie Lee

Week 9 2nd December
Does God heal today? / William Ruddle

Week 10 9th December
What about the Church / Steve

Alpha Celebration Supper 6th January

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