Cathedral Flower Festival – Blooming Marvellous!

We went to Chelmsford Cathedral yesterday for the Flower Festival celebrating one hundred years  in the Diocese…. A riot of colour and  creativity….the red petals on the floor in St Peter’s Chapel and three white gravestones decorated with poppies and the words “Lest we forget ”  commemorating World War 1 ……the black and white corner depicting Dagenham and Henry Ford ..a burst of colour depicting Art Deco …the Paris exhibition in 1925 …striking arrangements combining flowers, feathers ,beads and geometrically shaped glass…moss ,shells and pebble paths leading us into the windswept landscape of St Peters on the Wall at Bradwell ….a tropical extravaganza with two battered suitcases at the side reminding us of the arrival SS Empire Windrush bringing men and women from the Caribbean after World War 2 to help the labour shortage .As you wandered  around your eyes were dazzled with colour and the beauty of the flowers, each arrangement telling of creative thought and hours of work ..
Thank you Liz for arranging such a thought provoking day … Lovely lunch with my dear friends … And such fine chauffeuring ,Bob

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