Christian Aid

Ron and Jean Gough  have undertaken to organise our collecting again this year. Envelopes will be available in both churches on Sunday May 1st, May 8th and May 15th to distribute to our parish from the 16th May.

Sadly although Christian Aid and others have made great contributions to the relief of poverty, and many have benefited from our efforts, a lot of the problems have not improved in the last twelve months and our help is still required.

We will be showing some Christian Aid DVDs at St. John’s in the three Sundays before Christian Aid Week.  The focus of this year’s Christian Aid week is coffee farming in Nicaragua and you will see how their partner groups are bringing about real benefits to the coffee producers there.

Collectors  will be issued with a distinctive red Christian Aid collecting ‘Bag for Life’ which has been donated by Ecclesiastical Insurance.

A few facts about Christian Aid people might find interesting:

  • Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty.
  • They take a three-pronged approach to ending poverty: funding long-term development work, responding to emergencies and challenging the unjust systems that make and keep people poor.
  • They are the official development agency of 41 church denominations in Britain and Ireland.
  • They help people of all faiths and none.
  • They believe in giving people the power to find their own solutions to poverty.
  • They work through local organisations in 45 countries.
  • They focus the money and energy where they will have the greatest effect – for example, by challenging people in power to tackle issues that have a big impact on poor communities, such as climate change, corporate tax dodging and international trade rules.
  • They never give money to governments.  They work directly with local organisations on the ground.
  • They spend the money wisely.  For each £1 given in 2009/10, 83p was used for direct charitable expenditure.  The rest went on fundraising, which is essential to keep their programmes running, and ‘governance’ – helping them keep Christian Aid operational and to manage the charity efficiently.  They spend 16p in every £1 to raise the next £1.

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