Daisy Palmer

Daisy Palmer is 6 and lives in Langdon Hills.

Tracy Palmer, Karen Allwood, Lisa Pohl and Joe Odd are running the 2010 Brentwood Half Marathon on Sunday 21st March for PORT (Pseudo Obstruction Research Trust), in support of Tracy’s 6 year old Daughter Daisy who suffers from Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction (CIPs)

Daisy is currently in Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel where she is receiving further treatment for this rare and very serious condition. You can read her story, and some more about PORT here: http://www.port-charity.org.uk/pages/Daisys%20Story.htm

Daisy, like many other sufferers, is currently unable to eat anything orally, and is instead entirely reliant on being fed intravenously, and will remain this way whilst much needed research continues.

If you can, we would be most grateful if you could spread awareness of this rare and very serious illness. The more people that know and learn about it, can only help to further research ways of treating and managing CIPs.

If you would like to make a donation the JustGiving page is here.

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