Duck, no they’re seagulls!!

The thought of sitting in a bright yellow amphibian vehicle entering the Thames, especially after one of these sunk in the Mersey recently, did not fill me with the joy I would normally have when with the men and ladies of St Mary’s & John’s Church – but how I was so wrong thanks to Matthew our guide.

First of all let me fill you in about these ancient yellow oddities – Well they are WII marine personnel landing craft and at that time they weren’t yellow for obvious reasons!!  Over 24 of us decided to travel to the London Eye where we picked up our vehicle and guide – that’s when the fun began.

Matthew, who once knew he had a bunch of Essex Anglicans onboard, announced forgiveness as he was a catholic.  He then started to enthral us with his knowledge, whit and rib tickling humour.  Only he could get away by telling us that:

  • nothing is worn beneath a Scot man’s kilt – everything is in perfect working order
  • that the first real Essex girl has been immortalised by a statue of Boudica
  • when we enter the water those at the back may experience a slight dampness as the tsunami comes over the stern – but don’t worry it only comes up to your ears

He too, like a lot of us who have had the privilege to hear our new Archbishop, says he is a smashing humble person.  That raised a further cheer.  Matthew continued to impress and entertained us with his knowledge of our fare capital, interjecting famous literary quotes and sound effects from the onboard PA system.

When the duck takes to water it is surprising how low it sits in the river – I must admit I was relieved that nothing too big over took us or we would have been in for an early bath.  But I must admit some great views were had from the river.

The tour was about an hour long which was 59 minutes too short as we all could have listened to Matthew all day – a real great afternoon out.   Do come and talk to Bob and Liz Burton if you would like to know what other trips we have in-store.  You are more than welcome to come along.

Enjoy the photo’s

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