Gift to the Basildon Community Resource Centre

Our PCC recently voted a substantial gift of £10,000 to the CRC , taken from funds set aside for charitable giving. We have a long established relationship with the CRC and what follows is an explanation for this particular gift (with thanks to Perry Childs, CRC trustee and member of our church).

We currently provide the CRC with a regular payment of £200 per month and in the past we have donated £10,000 each year (2012-2014) to fund the hire of a room which would be used by the Citizen Advice Bureau.

It takes over £130k per year to keep the Centre running supporting people in a number of ways.  Their funding comes from:
  • Grants from the Council                   £40K
  • Funding Makers                                £35K
  • Donations                                          £22K
  • Room Hire                                         £10K               Down by £20K 2015

The Centre works hard to be self sufficient as possible but for the last couple of years since losing the room hire donation they have continued to fund the operations from their reserves which has been depleted by £10K.  They need to keep their reserves at a minimal level otherwise the Centre will be forced to close and the five staff will be made redundant.

For those of you not familiar with what the Centre provides they see individuals and families from all walks of life and backgrounds, at their wits end, vulnerable, impoverished and often in crisis.  They offer support regarding:

  • Accommodation and Housing advice
  • Welfare Rights guidance
  • Form filling
  • Clothes bank for interviews
  • Access to sheltered & specialist housing for young people
  • Library, photocopying facility and public service literature
  • Sign posting and referrals to specialist agencies
If you wish to find more information go to their website

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