Has the Church Gone to the Dogs?

Well not quite but over 30 people came along for a fun night out at Romford Grey Hound Stadium organised by the men’s and women’s groups. It was a fantastic evening, the track conditions were excellent and we all had great seats in the Paddock restaurant overlooking the back straight. Looking around you could tell the ones who knew what they were doing and the rest of us making our winning choices on obscure rationale such as some distant memory related to a dog’s name or was its tail up or down when it came out!

When I gave the man my well earned ¬£2.00 for ‘Hugo You Go’, because I thought it was a cleaver name, he told me it was going to be a winner and as you can see in the picture to right it didn’t even come 3rd!! If most people didn’t go home with their winnings everybody went home having a great time laughing about their poor choices for dead certs. If you would like to know what other exciting evenings or events we have lined up this year check out our web site – Activities. ¬†Come along and have a great time – all are welcome.

Contact Liz Burton or Steve Hurley for our ladies and mens groups at our Contact address.

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