Jubilee – Pageant Cream Tea

Despite the weather Sunday afternoon at St John’s was packed as people came out to enjoy a nice cup of tea and a cream and jam scone while watching the Queen enjoy her pageant.  We had over 100 people come and enjoy the afternoon meeting with friends while children played inside.  There was lots to do for the young ones including an indoor hopscotch which saw a few older children (adults) have a go on.  The invite to the tea came with jubilee bibles which the churches of St Mary’s and St John’s gave away to households in the parish.  Over a 1000 bibles where handed out and we hope those who received them have taken time to look through the front section on the Queen.

Many thanks to all those people that helped Liz and Perry take a small idea from Spring Harvest and turn it into an outreach that was enjoyed by all who live in this parish.

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