MICHAELMAS FAYRE – Sat 26 Sep 2015

Nine months ago we started planning The Michaelmas Fayre.  I advertised for anyone who could make anything to meet at my house on a cold January afternoon, and I was amazed that 12 people turned up and others who couldn’t come to the meeting also offered to make things. So we all starting knitting sewing, cooking and generally gathering things together.  There were more meetings and more gathering and finally we came to the day to price all our items.  We took over the coffee bar at St John’s and had lunch together then got on with sorting out how much to charge for our handmade items.

The next job was to set up St Mary’s Church for our big day.  When we arrived on Friday night the first thing that confronted us was a burnt out car right at the front of St Mary’s Church!!!!  Not a good start I thought!  But Bob set about clearing away as much of the mess as possible and it wasn’t to bad on the day. We managed to get all the stalls set up and put the knitted bunting up (made by the ladies of St John’s, St Mary’s and Rendezvous) and the flowers that Sue arranged for us looked lovely.

Pat, Kelly and Esther started very early on Saturday morning preparing the filled rolls at St John’s to bring up to St Mary’s for the lunches.  There was lots of activity at St Mary’s to do the final touches before we had our grand opening.  The refreshments were all laid out, the crafts were displayed, the raffle tickets were at the ready to be sold as were the Tombola tickets, the books were in alphabetical order, the games we prepared and the cakes and sweets were ready to go.  Colin said a few words and cut the red ribbon for the Fayre to start.  The first thing that people were greeted with was Maddie’s poppy cupcakes and the knitted and felt poppies being sold in aid of The Royal British Legion,£50 was raised.  We made a profit on the day for The Essex Wildlife Trust of £600 which was presented to Mary at Rendezvous.

I won’t name everyone that helped for fear of missing someone out, but I would like to thank you all.  You know who you are! And finally I would like to say how nice it was to see St Mary’s, St John’s and Rendezvous people getting together to make this event possible.

Liz Burton

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