No Joy for Children’s Joy

Since becoming treasurer of Children’s Joy UK, despite the incredible generosity of all of you who give us money to support the work that Pat and Len Joy do in the Ukraine with vulnerable youngsters, we seem to lurch from one crisis to another behind the scenes. Usually it’s the Ukrainian government changing the law every 5 minutes so that Pat and Len have an ever increasing array of hoops to jump through. This time though, it’s a home grown crisis. Our bank has decided to close our account. Not just ours, but all treasurer accounts as they are designated, so clubs and charities the length and breadth of the land are having to make alternative banking arrangements.

There should be an article elsewhere in this month’s magazine explaining what you can do if you’re a regular donor and want to keep the money flowing while CJUK gets a new account opened.

We hope to have this fixed soon, but meanwhile, thank you very much for your support and generosity. Without your help, none of what Pat and Len have managed to achieve in the 6 years we’ve been sending them funds would have been possible.

Have you seen that Tesco are now charging for air at their petrol stations? I found this out when I had a flat recently and my own car tyre pump gave up the ghost. Guess how much 2 minutes of air will cost you. Go on, guess.

Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. That’s right. Tesco paid me to take their air last weekend. It was chucking it down of rain and as I tried to fill my tyre, having deposited the 20p demanded, I was getting soaked and no air was flowing. I didn’t have me titfer on, so the rain was bypassing what little hair I have left in its race to the sea via the back of my neck.

I sent Jezebel into the shop for help as I held the nozzle on the tyre in case something did stir.

It turns out their were a couple of coins stuck in the machine. A couple of hefty thumps by the Tesco operative released 60 pence. 20 fed the machine once more, which this time was happy to dispense air again as was its deemed purpose, the other 40 the Tesco staff member gave me just in case the machine played up again.

So their you have it. I had a working tyre again PLUS I was 20p in profit. Well done, Tesco. Every little helps.

Jezebel’s and my passports expired last year. We need new ones for this year, so we duly completed our forms and then set off in search of an upstanding member of the community to certify that our mugshots were true likenesses. We ended up having to ask Colin. Jezebel just looks slightly quizzical in her photo, but otherwise reasonably presentable. Mine, on the other hand……… well let’s just say even I would not hand an axe to the person glowering at me, not if I wanted to turn my back on him and still draw a pension.

What is it the poet wrote? Auchtermuctie gift to gee us tae see oorselfes es aethers see us.

On the subject of holidays, a frog was enjoying a change of scenery from his usual lily pad. He found a nice B&B in Rhyl to stay in. At breakfast the next morning the waitress asked if he’d like cornflakes. He declined. Would he like the full English, she wondered. Again he declined. Kippers? No. She asked him what he would like and he replied “Rarebit, rarebit.”

I suppose I shouldn’t let this column go without making some reference to the appointment of Pope Francis. An Argentinian by all accounts with a passion for the rights of the oppressed, so long as they don’t live on the Falklands and want to stay British is my guess. I wonder if he can talk to animals.

I’m Ben Jericho. Hasta la vista, babies.

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