St John’s and St Mary’s this Lent

Do you wish…

  • You could discover your gifts;
  • You could live a more joyful and fruitful Christian life;
  • You could serve God more fully;
  • You could become the person God has designed you to be?

Take part in exploring “Your SHAPE for God’s Service”!

What will it involve?
“Your SHAPE for God’s Service” involves six meetings in a small informal group. It will be enjoyable and interesting!
We will help each other to explore our unique God-given “SHAPE,” and how we can use it in his service.
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We will look at:

Spiritual Gifts (God’s unique gifts to you)
Heart’s Desire (what motivates and excites you; what you love to do)
Abilities (your talents, knowledge and skills)
Personality (your character, personal qualities and strengths)
Experience (your life experiences and what you’ve gained from them)
…for God’s Service

Most of us are very aware of our own weaknesses and failings, and so lack confidence in our Christian lives. We need to discover more of our gifts and strengths!
What will we do?
There will be some input from the leader on the topics, and on Biblical teaching. There will also be practical exercises, plenty of lively discussion and prayer.
Between each session, you will be asked to do about an hour of Personal Reflection and activities to help you discover more about yourself. By the final session you will have created a picture of your “shape”, and gained insights about how God has designed and grown you.
It’s important to come to all six of the sessions, as they build on each other.

At the end, you will be able to have a private sit-down with one of the Church leaders, to talk and think through how you might be using your “SHAPE” to serve God in the church, at work, with your family and friends, in the community and your voluntary/leisure activities.

Do join us
Each Thursday for SIX consecutive weeks starting on 3rd March, 2011.
Venue: St John’s Church, Forest Glade.
Times: 7.30 to 9.30 pm.

Please sign up on the form at either St John’s or St Mary’s as soon as you can; no later than Sunday 20th February. This will help us in preparing sufficient materials for all attending.

For further details contact any of the following:
Colin Hopkinson: 01268 542156; e-mail: cchopkinson at
Steve Spencer: 01268 490869; e-mail: stevelinda.spencer at
Bob Hackett, 07973 147664; e-mail: bht at

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