St Mary’s and St John’s Annual Picnic

We arrived at Westley Heights at 1 0’clock on Sunday 19 August 2012.  The Weather forecast said it would be 90s! A bit hot maybe for rounder’s but we could always have an ice cream afterwards.  What we were actually met with when we arrived was an absolute down pour of rain!  Oh dear that’s the end of our picnic.

We put up Eddie’s gazebo when there was a break in the rain and Bob, Micheal and myself sat there sheltering from the rain.   We will give it 30 minutes we said then we will go home but no, out came the sun and 41 people suddenly arrived to have a lovely afternoon. We had a treasure hunt, played cricket and rounders.  The team lead by Sarah and Megan won by 6 rounders and we all went home at 5pm after a lovely afternoon together.

If that sounds like fun why don’t you join us next year for more of the same.

Liz Burton

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