Street Pastors

Guest Speaker – Rev. Chris Wragg,
Vicar of All Saints Ardleigh Green Hornchurch

Not only did we get a superb, full English, with my favourite (fried bread), and seconds, all expertly prepared by Perry and his team, we had a most excellent talk about the life and times of a Street Pastor.
If you’re ever around Romford in the early hours between Friday evening and Saturday and see a young girl wearing pink flip flops you’ll know that Chris and his team are about.  The working hours for the Street Pastor are 10pm to 4am!!
A street pastors ministry allows him or her (there are slightly more women than men) to be there to support people in some form of distress, often brought on by alcohol and sometimes drugs.  In their rucksacks they cater for many possibilities such as:
  • Water. to allow someone to sober up,
  • Sick bags just before they sober up,
  • Aluminum cover to keep people warm,
  • Haribo sweets and of course,
  • Flip flops for the ladies unable to walk in their high heels!
Most important of all, it allows the pastor to engage with so many people and demonstrate the love of Christ.   It shows that the church cares.
Chris recommends a book by Les Isaacs called Street Pastors, if you want to know more.
Bob Hackett

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