Walls of Jericho – Church Mag Oct

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Autumn is upon us and I am reminded of a pome we learnt in primary school, back when my short term memory still worked. Keats, if I’m not mistaken, or was it Masefield? Not quite on a par for daffodil swooning as the more summery Wordsworth offering, but a cue for those of us that haven’t switched our fuel contracts yet that winter is upon us which usually guarantees gas and electric prices are bound to go up soon.


One of the great things about winter, of course, is panto season. I happened along to the Over 50s Thursday Rendezvous last week and Julie Coker was saying that the Towngate would give her some freebie tickets for her raffle if she could persuade a dozen peeps to go on a block booking. I was so tempted to yell “Oh no they won’t!” but I thought I ought to be on my best behaviour or Julian would have dinged his bell at me.

Anyway, details from Julie because my short term memory doesn’t work so well as it once did and I’d hate to give you duff information. I think it’s in connection with raising funds for new computer equipment for the folks who distribute the food we donate for the needy. The equipment replacement is because of some government edict or somesuch making them upgrade.

I dunno. No good turn goes unpunished as they say.


And finally…… Cainetta is taking her first tentative steps towards freelancing. In a blatant bit of advertising (well you have to help yer kids out don’t you?) the Facebookers amongst you might like to visit a page called kirstycoutureuk to see some of the cracking garments she has produced. If you click “like”, so much the better. Thanks.


This month’s picture isn’t very representative of what Jez and I did on holiday, but I haven’t had the time to draw us on the pool deck scoffing freshly baked scones with cream and knocking back the Lapsang Souchong. Plus you can’t get anywhere near the pointy end on modern ships nowadays. The seagull’s accurate though.

I’ve been Ben Jericho. DasveedAnja until next month.

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